Pet Odour Removal

Pet Odour / Urine Removal in Winnipeg

At Enviro-Steem Carpet and Upholstery Care we understand that your family’s lovable pet can be your carpets worse enemy. Spots and stains are unsightly, but when you have odours in your carpet related to pet urine, you need more than just a regular carpet cleaning. Enviro-Steem Carpet and Upholstery Care offers specialized pet odour removal / treatment services:A sub- surface extraction process for small spots, and full remediation (removal and replacement of carpet underlay) for extreme cases.

Sub-Surface Extraction

Sub-Surface Extraction involves using a specialized tool called a Water Claw. The Water Claw is specially designed to extract liquid from the underlay and/or subfloor below the carpet. When combined with the powerful vacuum of our truck-mounted equipment, liquids can be pulled right up through the carpet.
  • Urine tends to penetrate and spread deeply into the carpet, underlay and subfloor.
  • Using specialized cleaning solutions, we re-create the conditions of contamination. We want the cleaning solutions to penetrate down into the underlay and subfloor, just like the original contamination.
  • Using the Water Claw, we extract the cleaning solutions, along with the pet urine contamination.
  • Your carpet is restored – no more pet odor!

Full Remediation Method

When pet urine/odor cannot be removed using the sub-surface extraction method, as in the case of large spots or full-room contamination, the Full Remediation Method is used.Carpet is fully or partially removed, the underlay is removed, and the subfloor sanitized and sealed. Then the carpet back is cleaned and sealed and new underlay is installed. The carpet is then reinstalled, and cleaned to remove the last traces of contamination.