Commercial Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Winnipeg MB

It is common knowledge that a good business should be well maintained, and a major part of grooming your business is keeping the carpets and upholstery fresh and clean.

Enviro-Steem Carpet and Upholstery Care offers you a thorough, business orientated carpet and upholstery cleaning service, helping you to keep your business cleaner and healthier, for your employees and customers.

Why Commercial Cleaning is Different than Residential Cleaning

Carpet in a private house or apartment receives traffic of less than ten people on a daily basis, and is often worn on entryways and well traveled areas. An Office, hotel or business sees hundreds, if not thousands, of feet on a daily basis.

Employees and guests in commercial and industrial buildings often walk along the same path every day, causing harsh wear and tear to the toughest industrial carpet. Even though most businesses have a night time cleaning service, the carpet and upholstery usually receives only the basic treatment of vacuuming, without paying attention to stains, grime, dust mites and mold.

How we can help your work environment

Maintaining thousands of square feet of carpet on a monthly basis, our highly trained Clean Trust Certified (formerly the IICRC) technicians are well experienced in cleaning carpet and upholstery in hotels, businesses, medical facilities and other large commercial institutes.

We clean exclusively with green cleaning products. Our products are biodegradable, non –toxic, hypoallergenic, contain no VOC’s or bleaches and are odor free, leaving your business with clean carpets, upholstery and clean air.

Whether it is a one-time clean or a monthly maintenance schedule, we promise that after we visit, we will leave you cleaner carpet and upholstery, and a healthier work environment.

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